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Unfortunately, elderly patients in Miami nursing homes are often the victims of sexual assault or abuse. Physical and cognitive impairments render many residents vulnerable to abusers. Many times, the victims are unable to communicate to administrators or relatives what they are experiencing. Elder sexual assault includes kissing, rape, explicit photography […]

Enrolling your child in a sports program and watching them perform is a great moment in a parent’s life. Parents and children expect that a coach in charge of a team would be a hub of support for all the players. However, some coaches may use their position in order […]

Coaches are supposed to be a source of guidance and support for the players they mentor. However, some coaches may abuse their relationship with a player in order to sexually prey upon the player. This is especially true if the player is a young child that has placed their trust […]


Students that engage in a sport at their school will often turn to their coach for support for many issues. Unfortunately, some coaches may use this relationship with their players to commit acts of sexual abuse against them. If a student is unclear about what to do in this situation, […]

Parents look to hire babysitters typically because their schedule does not permit them to care for their child 24/7. When a parent finds a babysitter they trust, they are likely relieved to learn that their child will receive proper care. Unfortunately, some babysitters may abuse the trust placed in them […]

Raising children while working is a common issue for many parents in Miami and across the United States. Many parents will entrust their children to babysitters or childcare programs that they believe have their child’s best interests at heart. Unfortunately, some childcare workers may attempt to take advantage of a […]

As a sexual assault survivor, you need someone on your side who will fight for the justice you deserve. At Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys, we know that justice looks different for everyone. After a sexual assault, the criminal justice system doesn’t always put victims first. Your attacker may never […]