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Realizing there is a problem with your tire isn’t just an inconvenience when you’re trying to get from A to B. Major defects in one or more of your tires can be a major liability on the road resulting in catastrophic accidents and fatalities. In a perfect world, all tires would be free of flaws and safe for use. This is not always the case, and tires sold on the market are not always fit to be used safely and without failure. This is evidenced by the recalls and lawsuits of tire manufacturers.

When someone suffers injuries due to tire failure, it is crucial that the victim reaches out to a skilled tire defect attorney. Trying to seek just compensation for the negligence of a huge tire manufacturing corporation can be a stressful and intimidating process. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident caused by a defective tire, an experienced tire defect attorney can give an honest assessment of your claim and will fight tirelessly to make sure you are fairly compensated for any and all injuries suffered.

Types of Tire Defects and the Associated Dangers

Injuries from tire defects can be caused by various flaws and factors. Some of the most common tire defects include:

  • Bead failure
  • Poor tire construction
  • Tread separation
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Poor tire construction
  • Tire shredding
  • Ply separation
  • Defective sidewalls
  • Ruptures and blowouts
  • Steel belt separation

When a tire fails due to any type of defect, dangerous scenarios can ensue. Tire failure on a busy highway can lead to overturned vehicles, accidents involving multiple vehicles, and serious injuries and fatalities. Victims of accidents attributable to tire defects can suffer from an array of injuries. Some of the most common injuries that have been sustained due to tire defects include:

Liability and Causes of Action for Tire Defects

Accidents caused by defects in tires occur far too often. Manufacturers have a responsibility to design, produce, and distribute products that are safe for use. Due to market demands and production costs, there have been instances where tire manufacturing companies cut corners in the manufacturing process in order to speed up sales. Unfortunately, there are dangerous consequences for consumers when companies take short cuts in overseeing the safe production of tires.

When a victim has suffered injuries due to an accident caused by a defective tire, attorneys will use a product liability theory to pursue a victim’s claim. There are three types of defects that fall under product liability:

  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Failure to warn

Design defects exist where there is an element in the design of a product that makes it unsafe for use. In terms of tire defects, a design defect could be seen in the placement of a particular piece of a tire that makes the tire dangerous for use.

Manufacturing defects occur during the tire production process. This type of defect could be a failure to place a safety device on a tire during the manufacturing process even though the design of the tire called for that device to be there.

A tire manufacturer can be liable for failure to warn when the manufacturer is aware of a dangerous aspect of the tire but failed to provide adequate warning of this to consumers.

Florida Statute of Limitations for Product Liability Lawsuits

Florida has a two year statute of limitations for product liability claims. This means that an injured person has two years from the date of the injury to file a claim for product liability. If a victim’s family wants to pursue a wrongful death claim for injuries suffered during an accident caused by a tire defect, the statute of limitations is two years. Thus, a victim’s family has two years from the date of the victim’s death to file a wrongful death lawsuit in court.

Call a Miami Defective Tire Car Accident Attorney

When an accident caused by tire failure results in serious injury or death, it is important for victims to be proactive and have the tire and car evaluated for a potential tire defect cause of action. In these cases, not only is it important for a victim to seek just compensation for injuries suffered, but it also important to pursue a claim that holds tire manufacturers responsible for the defective product they distributed.

If you or someone you love have been injured in an accident caused by a defective tire, call an experienced and knowledgeable tire defect attorney right away. Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA have experience handling these types of cases, and a skilled attorney can give you an honest assessment of how to successfully and competently pursue your claim. Call the Prosper Shaked today at (305) 694-2676 today for a free and confidential consultation.