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What Are the Most Common Types of Bicycle Accidents?

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In Miami and surrounding communities, bicyclists face an unfair advantage when sharing the road with other vehicles. After all, bicycles do not offer any protection from the harsh pavement below or the crash forces. When an accident occurs, cyclists often suffer severe and life-changing injuries. 

According to the CDC, nearly 1,000 bicyclists die, and over 130,000 suffer injuries in crashes yearly. One of the main reasons why these accidents occur is that the motor vehicle driver simply does not see the bicyclist on the road. Failing to yield to oncoming bicyclists is a problem compounded by their low visibility and increased distracted driving. 

Ten Most Common Types of Bicycle Accidents

As a bicyclist in Miami, it is important to understand why accidents occur, so you can take the necessary steps to reduce or eliminate your risk of getting into one. What are the most common types of bicycle accidents? 

Bicyclists Crossing a Vehicle’s Path

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety studied bicycle accidents and safety. They found that 30 percent of all bicycling accidents resulted when a cyclist crossed the vehicle’s path. Bicyclists who try to cross in front of cars can misjudge the vehicle’s speed, resulting in fatal accidents.

Right cross collisions

A right cross bicycle collision is a very common type of bicycle accident. It occurs when a bicyclist is riding with traffic, and a motor vehicle pulls out of a side street or driveway on the right side of the bicyclist. When this happens, the bicyclist usually gets struck by the vehicle or cannot stop in time to avoid hitting the side of the motor vehicle. 

Left cross collisions

Left cross accidents occur when an oncoming motorist makes a left turn in front of a bicyclist. This is similar to the way many motorcycle accidents occur. When a car pulls out in front of a bicyclist, the cyclist may hit the vehicle’s side or get thrown into oncoming traffic. 

Drivers should always look for bicyclists and other vulnerable road users before making turns. They should be visible, obey traffic laws and signals, and ensure they are in the correct lane position.

Rear end collisions

A rear-end bicycle accident typically occurs when a car or other vehicle collides with the rear of a bicyclist. This can happen if the car follows too closely behind the bicycle and does not have enough time to stop or swerve to avoid a collision. Other possible causes include distracted or reckless driving, poor visibility, or road conditions.

Hook accidents

A hook bicycle accident occurs when a car or other vehicle makes a turn at an intersection or driveway and strikes a bicyclist traveling straight through the intersection. This type of accident often happens when the car driver does not see the bicyclist or misjudges their speed. The bicyclist may be on the right side of the car (right hook accident), on the left side (left hook accident), or even in the opposite lane. This can also happen when the car driver tries to overtake the bicyclist to turn right. This type of accident is common and can be very dangerous for the bicyclist, as they may not have enough time to react and avoid the collision.

Poor road conditions

Potholes, cracked pavement, or road debris can all lead to catastrophic bicycle accidents. These hazards can cause bicyclists to lose control of their bike, fall, or swerve into traffic. 

Poorly designed or maintained roads can also make it difficult for bicyclists to navigate, such as with narrow or lack of bike lanes. Poor drainage or standing water on the road can make it slippery and dangerous for bicyclists.

Another road condition that can cause bicycle accidents is poor visibility. This can happen when there is a lack of street lighting or when foliage or other obstacles block the view of drivers. This can make it difficult for drivers to see bicyclists, especially at night or in low-light conditions.

In addition, poor road signage and lack of proper bike lane markings can lead to confusion and increase the risk of accidents.


A dooring bicycle accident occurs when a bicyclist collides with a car door that a driver or passenger has opened without checking for oncoming traffic. This type of accident often happens when a driver or passenger of a parked car opens their door without looking to see if a bicyclist is approaching from behind. The cyclist may not have enough time to react and avoid the accident and can get thrown from their bike due to the impact. This can cause serious injuries such as head trauma, broken bones, and road rash.

These accidents usually occur in urban areas, like Miami, with a high concentration of parked cars and bicyclists, particularly on busy streets or bike lanes. 

No matter how your bicycle accident occurs, if you suffered an injury and believe someone else is to blame, you need a law firm fighting for you. As a bicyclist, you face an uphill battle when collecting compensation. You don’t have time to negotiate with insurance companies and collect the evidence you need to win your case. Your time is better spent on your recovery and rebuilding your life after a severe bicycle accident. 

Your bicycle accident lawyer can help you understand all your legal rights and options. After meeting in an initial consultation, your attorney can help you understand the potential value of their case and what to expect from the legal process.

While you focus on your recovery, your lawyer will investigate your accident and preserve evidence from the accident. This may include witness statements, photos of the accident scene and injuries, and medical records. 

Do not go through this ordeal alone. Let an experienced injury attorney help you through this difficult time. 

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