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Miami Airbnb Rental Injury Lawyer Miami Allergic Reaction to Medication Attorney Miami Amtrak Accident Lawyer Miami Attorney for Car Accidents with a Truck Miami Attorney for Fatal Coronavirus Exposure at Work Miami Attorney for Gadolinium Poisoning from an MRI Miami Attorney for Injuries Caused by Objects in Your Food Miami […]

Electric mopeds can be a nifty way for a person to travel from one place to another. However, even an electric moped has its inherent risks that a rider should be aware of and understand. In some cases, an electric moped accident could be the fault of the entity that […]

Greyhound is the largest and most recognizable bus company in the United States, transporting an estimated 18 million passengers each year. Some of Greyhound’s most popular routes carry riders through or into Miami, with one bus station located at the Miami International Airport. While most trips are completed safely, negligence […]


With the number of people that commute through the roads of Hialeah, it is inevitable that a negligent driver will cause a serious accident. When a serious van accident occurs, the victims involved in the accident should be aware of their legal options when it comes to compensation. If you […]

15-passenger vans are extremely convenient for transporting large groups of people from place to place.  These vans are often used as shuttles for airports and hotels, as well as churches, leading to people popularly calling them “church vans.”  However, passengers rarely realize that these vans are actually quite dangerous and […]

Bird scooter advertises a goal of helping people get around town and reduce carbon emissions by giving quick and easy access to electric scooters in cities like Miami.  They also advertise the safety of their scooters by discussing how you should wear a helmet and follow local traffic laws.  However, […]

Hayrides and tractor pulls are very popular amongst people looking to have fun on a farm. This is especially true during the Halloween season, where people are like to participate in different seasonal events. Some of the seasonal events people commonly enjoy include haunted hayrides, pumpkin picking, and other Fall-related […]

When you take an Amtrak train to go to work or to take a trip, the last thing you’d expect is to be involved in an accident. Every day, thousands of people step into this widely-known transportation service hoping to get to their destination safely. Unfortunately, this is not always […]

ATV (all-terrain vehicles), or “four-wheelers,” are compact, sturdy vehicles meant to perform in rough terrain settings. While these vehicles can provide a great riding experience, they can also cause devastating accidents and death. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there were more than 2,000 ATV-related deaths from 2012 […]

In Miami, where the weather is beautiful year-round, outdoor recreation like bicycle riding is a popular activity. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents often result in severe, life-threatening injuries, or in some cases death. Cyclists toe the line between being pedestrians and being drivers of motor vehicles. They have most of the same […]