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Victims of car accidents may be under the impression that Florida’s no-fault insurance rules prevent them from filing car accident lawsuits to get compensation for their injuries. Do not accept any money from your insurance company before talking to an attorney about your car accident case. Certain injuries could entitle you to file your case with a court of law, potentially gaining additional compensation to help cover your injuries.

If you or a member of your family was injured in a car crash in the Pembroke Pines area, call Pembroke Pines car accident attorney Prosper Shaked today. Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA work to help injured victims and their families get the compensation they need for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages to help them recover from serious car accidents. For a free consultation on your case, contact our law offices today at (305) 694-2676.

What is My Car Accident Claim Worth in Pembroke Pines?

If you were injured in a car crash, you may be wondering what your case is worth and how you can maximize the compensation you are entitled to. Many people think that Florida’s no-fault auto insurance is the only way to get compensation after a car accident, but you may be able to seek additional compensation by filing your case as a car accident lawsuit instead.

Your insurance company may be able to pay you compensation without the need to prove who was at fault in your crash. This is the primary benefit of Florida’s no-fault insurance system, and it can help victims and at-fault drivers get the medical care they need. However, you might be entitled to additional damages that your car insurance will not cover.

First, your car accident claim could entitle you to compensation for your medical bills. When you file through insurance, your expenses may be limited to a certain percentage of the total bill, and you might be responsible for your deductible. Moreover, Florida insurance policies are only required to cover $10,000 worth of injury, so additional costs might not be covered. If you take your case to court, you could be entitled to damages beyond the $10,000 cap. You can even sue for the full value of any medical bills for permanent injuries, even if they are under $10,000.

Second, you could be entitled to recover compensation for your lost wages. If your injuries are severe, you could spend time in the hospital or doing physical therapy, and you might not be able to work. You can generally recover these lost wages in court. If your injuries are permanent in nature, you could end up facing limitations for the rest of your life. These could require you to take a lower-paying job or work with modified job tasks. If your injury reduces your income and earning potential, you may be able to claim the pay difference as damages.

Lastly, you might be entitled to direct damages for your pain and suffering. These damages come separately from your medical expenses and cover the physical pain and mental suffering you face. Calculating these damages can be difficult, as it is difficult to put a price on an injury. Typically, the more severe an injury is and the greater impact it has on your life, the higher the damages.

Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit in Pembroke Pines, FL

Talk to an attorney about your car accident injury case. If your injuries are considered “permanent” in nature, you might be able to take your case to court instead of filing with your insurance company. “Permanent” injuries can include any injury that affects your bodily function, such as partial paralysis, back and neck injuries, head trauma, and serious injuries to your limbs. This can also include substantial scarring. If your injuries are worth more than $10,000, you can also take your case to court.

When you file your case in court, you must prove that the other driver was the one who caused the accident. Traffic laws can help you demonstrate the other driver’s fault, and your attorney can point to speed limits, traffic control devices, drunk driving laws, and other rules of the road to help prove the other driver’s fault. If you were partly at fault, that may not spoil your case, and you should still be able to recover the majority of the damages you are owed.

You must also prove the damages you claim to get your compensation. The following records and documents provide excellent evidence of the harms you suffered:

  • Medical records,
  • Testimony from your doctor,
  • Photographs of your injuries,
  • Pay stubs,
  • Bank records, and
  • Your testimony about how the injury affected you.

Your attorney can also hire experts to help prove any necessary information. This can help with proving how the accident occurred through skid mark analysis or proving your lost earning potential through economic experts.

Our Car Accident Lawyer Offers Free Consultations in Pembroke Pines

Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA handle car accident injury and wrongful death claims in Pembroke Pines. Prosper Shaked may be able to take your case, help you understand what your claim could be worth, and help you get the compensation you need. For a free consultation on your case, call our law offices today at (305) 694-2676.