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Electric mopeds can be a nifty way for a person to travel from one place to another. However, even an electric moped has its inherent risks that a rider should be aware of and understand. In some cases, an electric moped accident could be the fault of the entity that chooses to rent these vehicles to customers. If you or a family member was injured while riding a Revel electric moped, consult with an experienced Miami Revel electric moped accident lawyer.
Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA is here to offer you legal representation that will meet your specific needs and goals. An electric moped accident could cause a victim to sustain various serious injuries, and we are to discuss your legal options for compensation. To schedule a free consultation to speak about your potential injury case, contact the Law Offices of Prosper Shaked at (305) 694-2676. You may also contact the firm online.

Common Causes of Revel Electric Moped Injuries in Miami

Revel, an electric moped ridesharing company, has provided over 750 electric mopeds to be used in the City of Miami. As a result, many people are using these vehicles to traverse through the city. The increase in the use of electric mopeds and scooters also means that there is an increase in the number of injuries that occur due to electric moped accidents. The following is a list of common causes of electric moped injuries.

Open Car Doors

Miami is a city that has a significant amount of traffic throughout the day. This means that moped riders should be especially careful when traveling on busy roads and tight streets. Unfortunately, a moped rider may be unable to account for all possible scenarios.
If a motorist suddenly opens their door on a tight street when a moped is near, the rider of the moped could suffer serious injuries. For example, slamming into a door may cause a rider to be thrown from the bike and could lead to a serious head injury, broken bones, and lacerations. A motorist that fails to check their mirrors before opening a door on a busy street could be held liable for their actions.

Unsafe Maneuvers

Electric scooters weigh significantly less than motorcycles and automobiles. As a result, it is much easier for a rider to lose control of the vehicle when making tight turns or swerving out of the way of an oncoming vehicle. If a rider is thrown from the bike because they had to act quickly to avoid a negligent driver, the driver may be legally liable for their injuries.

Defective Electric Scooter

An electric scooter can malfunction in a number of ways. For example, if Revel failed to regularly service the scooters, a rider may experience brake failure at the worst possible moment. Revel has a duty to ensure that electric scooters rented to customers have been adequately serviced.
These are just a few common causes of electric moped accidents. If you were injured under different circumstances, our firm would welcome the chance to listen to the details of your potential case. Continue reading and speak with our Miami Revel moped injury lawyer to learn more about liability for electric moped accidents.

Revel’s Liability for Electric Moped Accidents

Revel provides electric scooters in Miami and various neighborhoods in the State of Florida, which raises the question of whether Revel can be held responsible if a customer sustains a serious injury while using one of their electric mopeds.
Revel does provide limited insurance coverage for individuals that are injured while using one of their scooters:

  • Bodily injury – $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
  • Property damage – $10,000 total

Note, however, that a victim of an accident may have difficulty claiming the compensation offered by Revel if they violate the terms of the rental agreement. Additionally, before you can claim the damages for bodily injury or property damage, you may first have to turn to your own insurance company. This is because Florida is a no-fault state. This means that victims of a car accident will have to seek compensation from their personal insurance before seeking compensation from another party.
If you believe that Revel is trying to avoid liability for your electric moped accident, you should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. You may have a valid personal injury claim against Revel if they fail to provide you with compensation after an electric moped accident.
You should waste no time in seeking a personal injury lawsuit for your moped accident due to the statute of limitations. This law allows the court to bar a plaintiff from filing a claim if they do not file within the appropriate deadline. In Florida, the filing deadline for a personal injury claim is four years from the date of the injury. Also, please do not assume the statute of limitations for your case as it could harm your case.

Speak with Our Experienced Miami Revel Electric Moped Injury Lawyer

If you or a family member were a victim of an electric moped accident in Miami, consult with an experienced Miami Revel electric moped injury attorney. Personal injury attorney Prosper Shaked has worked on many injury claims for a variety of clients, and he would welcome the opportunity to discuss the details of your case. To schedule a free legal consultation to speak about your potential case, contact the Law Offices of Prosper Shaked at (305) 694-2676.