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Renting a limousine can be the highlight of a special evening like prom night or an important life event like a wedding. However, catastrophe can strike if the driver was improperly qualified or if the vehicle was not properly maintained. Limo companies should be held responsible for injuries sustained in a serious limo accident, and Miami limousine accident lawyer Prosper Shaked may be able to help you seek financial compensation in your case.

To schedule a free legal consultation and to get the help you need with your potential injury case, contact our law offices today. The compensation you could receive from an injury lawsuit could help support you and your family in your time of need. To schedule your free consultation, contact Prosper Shaked today at (305) 694-2676.

Causes of Limo Accidents in Florida

Limousine accidents happen for many different reasons. Some of the most common reasons for accidents are driver error and traffic violations, but there are other causes unique to limo accidents. Our limo accident attorney explains:

Dangerous Limo Construction

In recent years, it has become more and more apparent that many limousines are constructed in very dangerous ways. Some limos are specifically built to be longer vehicles with the proper structural integrity to support the additional length between axels and the added weight of more car and more passengers.
Others, however, are made from standard vehicles that are cut in half, extended, and reassembled. Many of these vehicles have significant structural weaknesses that will not hold up to a collision as they should. In some cases, these vehicles may not even be street legal. If the vehicle could not pass inspection but was put into service anyway, you and your fellow passengers could face very serious injuries.

Tired Driving

Limo drivers often spend hours on the road or waiting between drop off and pick up. These drivers could become quite tired and distracted during break periods, and hours on the road behind the wheel can quickly tire out even experienced drivers. If a driver is too tired to drive safely, he could be putting you and other drivers on the road in serious risk of injury.

Drugs and Alcohol

Irresponsible limousine drivers may turn to drugs and alcohol during long shifts to help them stay alert. If your driver was intoxicated or under the effects of drugs at the time of the accident, the accident may almost certainly be the limo driver’s fault. Florida’s laws against drunk and drugged driving can help you win your case.

Distracted Driving

People who spend hours behind the wheel might not think much of accessing their phone or other distractions while driving. Texting and driving is one of the most serious distractions for drivers and leads to thousands of injuries each year.

Suing a Limo Company for Accidents

To get financial compensation for a limo accident, you should speak to a limo accident attorney about filing a lawsuit. The process for filing a lawsuit may be confusing, but an attorney can handle the process for you. Before claiming compensation, you must first qualify to file a lawsuit, and you must determine whom to sue for the accident.

Florida follows a no-fault car insurance system. This usually means that drivers must use their own insurance’s personal injury protection policy to seek compensation for themselves after vehicle damage and injuries. However, when you are injured as a passenger, these rules might not apply to you. Additionally, the injuries you face could be severe enough to entitle you to a lawsuit.

In Florida, if your injuries are permanent, cause problems with bodily function, or lead to substantial scarring, you may be entitled to sue. You can also sue for the death of a loved one if a member of your family was killed in a limo accident.

To get compensation, you must also decide whom to sue. Your attorney can help you determine who is at fault for the accident and what share of the blame they should share for the injuries you suffered. The most obvious party to sue would be the limo driver, but you may also be entitled to join the limo company in the case and sue them for damages.

If you were injured by the employee of a company while they were acting within the scope of their duties, you may be able to join their employer in the lawsuit as well. That means that you can typically sue the limo company for injuries their driver causes.

The limo company may also be responsible for contributing causes of the crash. For instance, if the limo company improperly maintained a vehicle or put a dangerous limo on the road, they should be held accountable. Additionally, if they hired a driver with a dangerous history of DUI or serious car crashes, they could also be liable for any accidents that driver causes.

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If you or a loved one was injured in an accident while riding in a limousine, contact Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA today. Our Miami limo accident lawyer represents accident victims and fights to get them compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. To schedule your free consultation, call our law offices today at (305) 694-2676.