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Drivers commonly make rolling stops or fail to stop at stop signs altogether. This can put other drivers at risk, especially if they enter a roadway that does not have a stop sign. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident because another driver ran a stop sign, call The Law Offices or Prosper Shaked today.
Miami stop sign accident lawyer Prosper Shaked represents the victims of car accidents and their families and fights to get them the compensation they need after a serious car accident. For help with your stop sign accident case, contact our law offices today to schedule a free, confidential legal consultation. Our lawyer can be reached at (305) 694-2676.

Common Accidents Caused by Running a Stop Sign

Rarely does a driver boldly run a stop sign on purpose. Instead, most stop sign accidents occur because of misunderstandings, lack of caution, or failure to follow the law to the letter. These situations are some of the most common scenarios in which car accidents occur because one of the drivers ran a stop sign:

Rolling Stops

Especially if the driver is pulling out onto a street that does not have a stop sign, it is vital for drivers on a cross street to make a complete stop at the stop sign before turning into traffic or crossing the street. If the driver does not stop, they may not give themselves enough time to see or recognize dangers, boldly pulling out into cross traffic. Drivers who fail to make a complete stop are often at fault for these kinds of accidents.

Four-Way Stop Confusion

Most drivers understand, in theory, that you take turns at a four-way stop. In practice, drivers get flustered and confused or feel entitled to take their turn out of order. In many four-way stop accidents, drivers who misunderstand the rules pull out out of turn. Before anyone can stop or realize the mistake, accidents can occur. Fortunately, these accidents often occur at low speeds, but they can still cause serious injuries like whiplash.

Mistaken All-Way Stop

When roads meet and only have a stop sign or other traffic control device in one direction, drivers can be confused. Drivers on the main road have no obligation to stop or yield if they have no stop sign, but drivers from a cross street must stop and wait until the main road is clear. If a driver expects there to be a four-way stop at that intersection, they may pull out of their stop sign just as the other car approaches. This violates the duty to yield at the stop sign and is an oversight which can put them at fault for the accident.

Missed Stop Signs

Sometimes drivers pass through stop signs because they did not see them. This negligence deals more with the attention they are paying to the road rather than an error with how they treated the stop sign. If the other driver did not see a stop sign because it was covered by trees or overgrown plants, the local government or property owner who allowed the sign to be covered might actually be at fault. If the driver should have seen the stop sign, they are typically at fault for any injuries they cause by missing the stop sign.

Suing for a Car Accident at a Stop Sign

If you or a loved one was injured because a driver ran a stop sign, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit to seek compensation for your injuries. These lawsuits typically allow you to claim damages that you might be unable to claim through insurance, including damages for pain and suffering and full damages for lost wages and medical expenses.
When suing for car accident injuries, you must produce evidence of the harm that you faced. For medical expenses, this typically means producing hospital records to prove what injuries you faced and bills to prove how much the care cost you. If you missed work, you can produce bank records and pay stubs to prove how much money you typically made before the accident and how the accident affected your income. If your injuries produced permanent reductions in earning capacity, you can sue for that financial harm as well.
Suing for pain and suffering is often complicated since the damages you faced for physical pain and mental suffering are not easily demonstrated to a jury. Your testimony about how the injury affected your life can help show the jury what you have been through and give them the information they need to determine how much you deserve in pain and suffering damages.
Talk to an attorney about additional damages and methods for financial recovery in your case.

Call Our Miami Stop Sign Accident Injury Lawyer Today

After an auto accident, it is vital to have an attorney represent you and your claim. For help with an accident caused by running a stop sign, contact Miami stop sign accident attorney Prosper Shaked today. Call Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA to schedule a free legal consultation today.