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Driving a car is one of the most dangerous things many people do on a given day. In the greater Miami area, many Floridians rely on their car to get around. This means hundreds of thousands of commuters driving in Miami Gardens and other cities near Miami are at risk for serious car accidents every day.

If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident, or if you lost a loved one to a car crash, talk to an attorney today. Miami Gardens car accident injury lawyer Prosper Shaked represents car accident victims and their families throughout the Miami metropolitan area. For a free consultation on your case, contact Prosper Shaked today at (305) 694-2676.

Miami Gardens Car Accident Injuries

Car accident injuries vary greatly. Some collisions may produce minor injuries like cuts and scrapes. Unfortunately, many car accidents result in far more serious injuries.

Whiplash injures are a common car accident injury, especially in rear-end collisions. Whiplash injuries occur when your head quickly whips back and forth. Whiplash can involve strains and sprains to the muscles and ligaments in your neck, as well as bruising and bone fractures. Many signs of whiplash are not apparent until the next day after a car accident, so it is important to monitor your condition.

In very severe car crashes, injuries to your back, neck, and spine may cause permanent paralysis. Your spinal cord runs through the hollow bones in your spinal column and sends signals to the various parts of your body. If there is an impingement on these nerves, you could suffer from pain and numbness below the point of injury. If the nerves are severed, you may be permanently paralyzed.

Another risk in bad auto accidents is the risk of traumatic brain injury. A more severe form of a concussion, traumatic brain injuries can result in memory problems, lost motor function, confusion, mood swings, personality changes, and other ongoing effects.

Suing for Car Accidents in Miami Gardens

If you were injured in a car crash, it is important to understand how you may be able to collect compensation for your injuries. Florida uses a “no-fault” insurance system, which means that the first person you file with is often your own insurance company. Every Florida car insurance policy is required to carry at least $10,000 in “personal injury protection” (PIP) to cover injuries regardless of who is at fault for the crash. If this is not enough to cover your injuries, or if you suffered permanent injuries, you may be able to file a lawsuit instead of relying upon insurance.

When you sue the at-fault driver for damages, you may be able to recover more compensation than a car accident claim would entitle you to. Car insurance often pays you for medical expenses and lost wages that stem from the car accident. However, they may not pay the full amounts, or may be unwilling to pay additional damages for pain and suffering.

Miami Gardens Car Accident Injury Attorney

If you file a lawsuit for your injuries, you may be entitled to more damages. First, any medical treatment that stems from the injuries could be paid for. This includes emergency treatment, surgeries, hospital stays, rehabilitation, and other treatments. Second, if you were too injured to work or are unable to return to work because of permanent injuries, you could recover your lost wages from the at-fault driver. This can include future wages you will miss, going forward. Lastly, you may be entitled to damages for your pain and suffering. These kinds of damages may be substantial, especially for very serious injuries.

Always talk to an attorney before accepting money from insurance or the responsible driver. Calculating the damages you are entitled to may be difficult, and it is hard to know what your case might be worth without consulting an experienced car accident lawyer.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Miami Gardens

The first thing you should do after a car crash is get help. In Florida, you must report any car accident involving personal injury, so the first action you take should be to call 9-1-1. Do what you can to get yourself to safety, move your car to the side of the road, and stay in a well-lit location until help arrives.

Get as much information as you can about the accident, including the names and contact info of anyone involved, and any witnesses. Taking good notes about the location of the accident, the position of the cars, and any injuries is important. Also take photos of the scene if you can. If you are too injured to take pictures or gather info, you may be able to ask police or a family member to assist you. Instead, focus on getting medical help.

Miami Gardens Car Crash Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident in Miami Gardens, talk to an attorney. You could be entitled to substantial compensation if you were seriously injured. For a free consultation on your car accident case, call Miami Gardens car accident injury attorney Prosper Shaked. To contact Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA, call (305) 694-2676 today.