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When you deliver your child, you hope to meet a healthy baby. In some circumstances, difficult pregnancies and birth injuries can result in injuries, potentially including permanent, visible injuries. One injury that results from a few serious types of birth injuries is having the baby’s arm bent toward their body at an angle. If your child suffered an injury like this in Florida, contact our Miami attorney for birth injuries resulting in the infant’s arm being bent toward their body.
Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA’s injury attorney is available for free legal consultations to help new parents learn more about these injuries and how they may be the result of medical negligence. If your doctor’s negligence did cause your child’s injuries, they can be held accountable and made to pay for damages such as additional medical expenses, future lost wages, and pain and suffering. For your free legal consultation, call our law offices today at (305) 694-2676.

Common Birth Injuries that Cause a Baby’s Arm to Bend Toward the Body

Babies are very fragile and vulnerable, and it is the physician’s responsibility to keep their physical safety in mind when performing a delivery. Sometimes, there is nothing the doctor can do to prevent injury inside the womb, or the injuries might occur despite expert care and control. Other times, the doctor’s carelessness or negligence is the immediate cause of the injury. In any case, the injuries that result in a cramped shoulder or arm that bends toward the body usually occur from one of the following types of injuries:

Muscle, Ligament, or Tendon Injuries

If the child’s arm is injured during the delivery, there is a chance that the injury could become permanent. A newborn’s muscles and tendons are not strong, and an injury could snap or damage the muscles, tendons, or ligaments, potentially resulting in permanent injury to the arm that keeps it cramped toward the body.

Muscle, Ligament, or Tendon Development Problems

Sometimes the child’s muscles, tendons, or ligaments develop differently than they are supposed to. This could result in weakness or shortened length, which could cause the arm to curl or pull to the side. Problems with the development of the shoulder joint, shoulder blade, or other parts of the arm could also result in permanent problems.

Brain Injury

If the child’s head and brain are injured during delivery or the baby suffers asphyxiation or suffocation injuries, the child might develop significant brain injuries and brain damage. This injury could result in tissue loss in the brain and might cause motor control issues or partial paralysis in the arm.

Erb’s Palsy and Brachial Plexus Injuries

The brachial plexus is the nerve cluster found in the shoulder. This is a nexus of nerves that meet together in the shoulder and separate again as the nerves run down the arm. Injuries to this nexus could result in permanent nerve damage that can involve partial or complete paralysis in the arm commonly called Erb’s Palsy. One of the most common symptoms of this injury is that the victim’s arm bends toward the body, and the patient typically has reduced or awkward muscle control in that arm.

Cerebral Palsy

Another common condition that results in the victim’s arm being cramped toward the body is cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy (CP) is a disorder that commonly develops from brain injuries sustained during birth. CP often results in stiffness, weakness, muscles spasms, loss of control, and other symptoms in the extremities. One common symptom is a bent arm with little or no motor control over the limb. Babies may be unable to intentionally bend or move their arm away from this position, alongside other symptoms of cerebral palsy.

Suing for Birth Injuries and Visible Effects

If your child did suffer a birth injury that resulted in a permanently bent arm, they could face additional medical care and future harm as they grow up and continue to live with the effects of this injury. In many cases, children with cerebral palsy or other permanent developmental disorders or injuries need additional medical care when they are born to help try to correct or fix their issue. As they grow up, they may need continued physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other medical care to help with their condition. As they join the workforce later in life, their injuries may restrict them and reduce their earning capacity as well. On top of all of this, the pain and suffering associated with many of these injuries may be severe, especially since the injury is often quite visible and obvious.
In a court of law, you can claim compensation for all of these damages. If your doctor was responsible for your baby’s birth injuries, they should be made to pay the full value of these damages. In a lawsuit, the past, present, and future damages can all be calculated and projected, potentially resulting in substantial financial compensation. Talk to a lawyer about what your case might be worth and how to move forward with your case.

Miami Birth Injury Lawyer for Bent Arm Injuries Offering Free Legal Consultations

If your child suffered a birth injury that resulted in having their arm bent toward their body or other evidence of partial paralysis and discomfort in the arm, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit for substantial compensation. The compensation for this kind of injury can help support them as they grow up and help compensate them for any past, present, and future damages they faced because of the injury. For a free legal consultation with our attorney and help getting the compensation you need, call Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA today. Our number is (305) 694-2676.