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If you were injured by an object in your food, we may be able to help. Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA know and understand the dangers that a foreign object in your food may cause. We are ready to hold the liable parties accountable for your losses. We will fight aggressively and strategically to get you the compensation you deserve.

Thanks to years of experience with Miami personal injury law, we are able to build comprehensive strategies and persuasive legal arguments in your favor. We are not afraid to face those responsible for your injuries and take them to court. Call our office today for a free, confidential consultation on your case. Our phone number is (305) 694-2676

Common Injuries Caused by Objects in Your Food in Miami

As surprising as it may seem, many people have suffered injuries caused by things such as plastic, glass, nails, and sharp objects in their food. Chewing on these foreign objects can lead to severe damage to the mouth, throat, and the digestive system. However, there may be things in your food that may cause injuries but are not considered “foreign.” For instance, the seeds of a particular produce or a clam shell are natural or inherent to the food itself. Under this circumstance, a person should exercise caution to prevent any incident(s). The real problem is when you suffer injuries as a result of a foreign object in your food. Most of the time, there is no way to tell whether your food has been contaminated by a foreign object until it’s too late.

For instance, you may not notice there is a sharp object in your pasta sauce until you have chewed on it. This is not the only instance where foreign objects may be found in food, but it gives you an idea of its potential risks and dangers. If you or a loved one were injured by a foreign object in their food, our Miami attorney for injuries caused by objects in your food can help.

Liability in Miami for Injuries Caused by Foreign Objects in Food

One of the first things you may wonder after finding a foreign object in your food is who will be responsible for your injury, and the trauma associated with it. Liability in this type of case can change depending on the circumstances of your injury. For instance, you may hold the manufacturer and seller accountable for the food containing the object that hurt you. Additionally, you may hold the restaurant that served you the tainted food. Keep in mind that, in a product liability case, there may be more than two parties involved. This is something our Miami attorneys for injuries caused by objects in your food can help you with.

Product liability claims stem from personal injury law, which requires a plaintiff to prove the defendant’s negligence. There are three main types of product liability claims you can file depending on the specifics of your case: design defect, manufacturing defect, and lack of warning product liability claims.
Manufacturing defect product liability claims frequently happen because something during the manufacturing phase of the product makes it unsafe. For instance, a piece of metal from an assembly line may fall into a canned product, which can ultimately reach an unsuspecting consumer and cause harm. The manufacturer can prevent this error by making sure their equipment and their products are free from any defect.

Filing a product liability claim based on an error in manufacturing requires you to show different elements. For instance, you will need to show that the manufacturer was in direct control of the product that ultimately caused you harm, that their product was defective, and that the defect led to your subsequent harm. Additionally, you will need to show that you suffered losses as a consequence of your injury.

What to Do if You Find a Foreign Object in Your Food in Miami

There are a couple of things you should do if you find a foreign object in your food. First, seek emergency medical attention if you feel your safety or life are at risk. Your primary concern should be your safety. Make sure you keep a record of your medical evaluation.

Second, you need to make sure the parties involved understand what happened to you and the implications of your injury. Also, this serves the purpose of placing your claim in time, space, and scope as well as providing evidence of the people responsible for your injuries.

Make sure to keep all possible evidence at hand. Words can only take you so far, especially when it is your word against a restaurant owner’s and their employees. To avoid a “he said,” “you said” situation, you should keep evidence of everything surrounding your incident. You can achieve this by recording the event with your phone, taking pictures, and taking the personal information from as many witnesses as you can, including the parties involved.

Finally, it is best to retain the services of an experienced, skilled personal injury attorney who understands how the law works and can guide you throughout your product liability claim. Our Miami attorneys for injuries caused by foreign objects can assist you.

Lawyers for Injuries Caused by Objects in Your Food Offering Free Consultations in Miami

If you or a loved one were injured by an object in your food in Miami, we may be able to assist you. Backed by years of hands-on experience, our skilled lawyers at Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA have developed the necessary skills to guide you through your entire personal injury claim in Miami. The liable parties may provide you with a low-ball offer to settle your case and avoid court. You should not accept any offer made by the liable parties before contacting an attorney. Let our experience and dedication work for you while you focus on your recovery. To learn more about your case in a free, confidential consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys for injuries caused by an object in your food, call us today at (305) 694-2676.