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As children begin to grow and learn, the loss of sensation can be a serious issue that could hinder their development. There are a number of reasons why a child could suffer a loss of feeling, and some of these causes can be linked to an incident of medical malpractice. If your child was a victim of medical malpractice and suffered a loss of sensation, contact an experienced Miami birth injury attorney today.
The injury of a newborn child can be a tragic experience, and Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA is prepared to help you hold a negligent medical practitioner accountable for injuring your child. Our firm has worked with residents of Miami, West Palm Beach, and across South Florida, and we would be honored to work with you. To schedule a free case evaluation, contact Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA at (305) 694-2676, or contact us online.

Common Causes of Infant Loss of Sensation

The loss of feeling or touch in any part of a child’s body is a serious issue that should be treated as soon as possible. Important developmental milestones could be missed if a child is unable to properly feel parts of their body. For example, a child that has a loss of feeling in their feet may be hesitant to move on from crawling to start walking.
A baby’s loss of feeling can be attributed to various factors. Some of these factors are a result of a birth injury caused by a negligent medical team or hospital. The following is a list of conditions that may lead to a child experiencing a loss of sensation after a birth injury.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder that is identified by sudden involuntary muscle movements and a difficulty in maintaining balance and posture. Children often experience this disorder because they suffered damage to the brain at birth.
A traumatic brain injury could be caused in a number of ways. For example, if the delivering physician used excessive force when pulling the child from the birth canal, the child could suffer a serious head injury.
The signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy can differ from child to child. For example, some children may need the use of medical equipment to walk or may be unable to walk entirely. In severe cases, a child may suffer a complete loss of reflexes that affects all their extremities. This is known as quadriplegic cerebral palsy.
If you notice that your child has spastic muscle movements and is unable to control their balance or reflexes, you should have them examined by a doctor immediately.

Erb’s Palsy

Erb’s palsy is an injury to the brachial plexus nerves in a person’s shoulder. This injury is typically caused because a child’s arm becomes stuck or cramped while the child is traveling through the birth canal. That is why it is important for a physician to prepare an emergency response if a child’s shoulders cannot fit through the birth canal. Failure to have an emergency response for a child that is in distress could open a medical practitioner up to a lawsuit.
The brachial plexus nerves control movement in the arm and hands of a person. If these nerves are damaged, a child will suffer a loss of sensation in their arms and hands that could become permanent if not properly treated.
Klumpke’s palsy is another type of injury that affects the brachial plexus. If a child frequently developed Klumpke’s palsy.

Spinal Cord Damage

Injuries to the spinal cord can cause a child a number of health issues. Trauma to the spinal cord could result in a loss of feeling or paralysis in the extremities of a child. Injuries to the spinal cord often are difficult to treat and typically leave a person with long-term or permanent injuries.
There are other conditions not listed here that could cause your child to experience a loss of feeling. For example, if your child suffers a nerve injury, they could have issues with moving a part of their face.
Our firm is dedicated to helping our clients pursue negligent hospitals and medical practitioners for their actions. You should not delay in speaking with an attorney about your case as you only have a limited amount of time to file your claim.

Work with a Trusted Miami Infant Loss of Feeling Lawyer Today

If your child was injured due to the negligent actions of a medical practitioner, you should consult with an experienced Miami medical malpractice lawyer today. Birth injury lawyer Prosper Shaked is devoted to providing your family with aggressive and unique legal representation for your birth injury claim. To schedule a free legal consultation, contact Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA at (305) 694-2676.