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Birth complications can be scary, adding to the stress of having a new child and going through childbirth.  The hope with any delivery is that your child will come out healthy, but sometimes complications arise that jeopardize your newborn’s health.  While some of these complications are caused by natural problems that arise in many cases, others are the result of a doctor’s negligent care or failure to keep your child safe and healthy during their birth.
If someone in your family recently gave birth to a child that suffered from limpness and muscle weakness after delivery, their complications may be the result of medical malpractice.  For help understanding your case and seeking financial compensation from the responsible doctors, call our Miami attorney for infant limpness caused by birth complications.  Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA offer free legal consultations to help our clients learn more about their options in a confidential setting.  For your free consultation, call (305) 694-2676.

Causes of Newborn Limpness and Muscle Weakness

Limp or “floppy” posture in a newborn can be the result of many birth complications or health conditions.  In general, babies are somewhat limp and sleepy in their first few days and weeks after being born, but signs of severe muscle weakness might become apparent later, possibly indicating birth injuries or mistakes.  Limpness in a newborn is often caused by problems with the baby’s bones, muscles, or nervous system.
Some skeletal malformations or birth injuries could cause limpness in a newborn.  These issues are often the result of excessive force used in the delivery, potentially from forceps or mishandling.  If your baby has broken or damaged bones, it may explain why they are unable to move as well as they should be able to.
Muscular problems are also possible causes of limpness and weakness.  Underdeveloped or injured muscles might not be able to move as they should.  These kinds of injuries or complications could result in prolonged health concerns if the baby’s muscles do not begin to develop normally.
More common than musculoskeletal issues are problems with the nervous system and brain injuries.  Many issues of limpness in an infant occur because the baby’s nerves have been damaged.  A cramped arm or “flapping” arm is often the result of injury to the nerve clusters in the shoulder, such as the brachial plexus.  Other issues could be caused by brain injuries caused by lack of oxygen or physical trauma to the brain and skull.  Injuries from umbilical cords wrapped around the neck or especially long and slow deliveries could lead to lack of oxygen and loss of brain tissue that supports physical development and motor skills.  Alternatively, injuries to the brain or skull caused by forceps or other birth mistakes could damage the brain and hurt the child’s motor skills and muscle control.  This can lead to cerebral palsy and other birth complications.

Suing a Doctor for Birth Injuries in Florida

If your baby suffered serious health consequences during their birth, you may be entitled to sue the doctor for failing to keep your child safe and healthy.  Of course, some health concerns are beyond what we can cure and prevent, even with modern medical science.  Some health concerns are genetic, and no matter what the doctor did in the delivery room, the child would have faced the same health consequences.  Other complications are unavoidable, even with advanced techniques or emergency procedures like C-sections to help prevent harm.  Other issues, however, are caused by pure mistakes and errors on the part of your healthcare provider.

Medical Malpractice and Birth Injuries

If your doctor commits an error or makes a mistake while delivering your baby, the baby could suffer serious injuries that cause prolonged or extensive health problems.  Many issues of limpness and weakness after delivery are caused by brain damage and nerve injuries brought about by doctors who make mistakes, squeeze too hard on the baby with forceps, or fail to act quickly to prevent injuries.  In cases where the delivery was especially difficult, these injuries may be more likely.  However, your doctor should still work to avoid injuries and ensure a safe delivery.

Proving Fault in a Limp Baby Case

Under the law, your doctor is judged not by the outcome of the procedure, but by their care and skill in performing the procedure.  If your doctor’s care was unreasonable, it may be considered negligent.  Negligent healthcare falls below the standard of care that your doctor owes you and your child, and the law allows victims of this kind of negligence to seek compensation for their injuries.

Damages for Birth Injury Claims

The compensation you can claim for a birth injury might be confusing, but your attorney can help you calculate damages specific to your case.  In most claims, the damages for additional medical care and physical therapy are proved by producing medical bills and financial statements.  Moreover, the parents of an injured newborn may be able to claim damages for the pain and suffering their child faced because of the injury, even if that is difficult to prove.
Parents may also be able to claim future damages on behalf of their injured newborn.  This can include future medical costs to deal with the permanent or ongoing effects of these types of injuries.  This can also include future lost wages your child will suffer if they face a permanent disability because of the birth injuries.  Your lawyer and a financial expert can help prove these future damages in court.

Call Our Miami Birth Injury Lawyer if Your Child is Limp or Weak

If your newborn is especially limp or weak, they may have suffered injuries during their birth that continue to cause them harm and developmental disorders.  For help seeking compensation in your case, call our Miami attorney for infant limpness caused by birth complications.  Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA’s birth injury lawyer represents parents and their newborns in medical malpractice lawsuits, and he fights to get them compensation for their injuries and expenses.  For help with your case, call our law offices today at (305) 694-2676 to schedule a free legal consultation.