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As a vital component in the transportation industry, trucks are constantly traversing our national highways, including I-95 in Florida. Because of their considerable weight, trucks present a substantial risk to smaller vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles. When a truck collides with other vehicles on the highway, the resulting injuries could be catastrophic or deadly.
Prosper Shaked is an experienced I-95 in Florida truck accident lawyer who vigorously represents clients injured in automobile or truck accidents. To schedule a free consultation to review your case, contact Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA at (305) 694-2676.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents on I-95 in Florida

Truck accidents occur for many reasons. Often, the same factors that lead to typical car accidents contribute to truck crashes. However, as trucks are significantly larger, the same negligent conduct a motorist engages in can be disastrous when done by a truck driver. Below are some of the most common causes of truck accidents on I-95 in Florida:

Reckless or Aggressive Driving

Large semi-trailer trucks and 18-wheelers require more time and distance to respond to their driver’s actions. When a truck driver engages in reckless or aggressive driving, including tailgating, sudden lane changes, or excessive speeding, they endanger other vehicles on the road around them and are unlikely to be able to react to drastic shifts in traffic patterns.

Distracted Driving

When a truck driver loses focus on the highway because they are texting, reviewing their GPS, eating, or adjusting controls on their dashboard, they compromise their ability to react to changing road conditions.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving a truck while drunk or under the influence of drugs could lead to deadly accidents. Often, truck drivers rely on amphetamines to stay awake longer, giving them the ability to drive for longer periods of time. However, these measures can easily fail – especially when abused – and lead to truck accidents on I-95 in Florida.

Driving While Tired or Fatigued

Despite strict regulations enacted by the United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which are meant to restrict the time a truck driver can spend operating their vehicle, many truck drivers and trucking companies ignore the restrictions to save time and increase profits. Falling asleep at the controls of an 18-wheeler could be fatal for the driver and for other motorists on the highway.

Inexperienced or Inadequately Trained Drivers

Properly handling a massive truck requires training. When a truck driver has not received adequate instruction on how to operate their vehicle safely, they can endanger other motorists around them. Likewise, a truck driver with limited experience is liable to make more errors or mistakes than a veteran driver.
In addition to the above, there are several other potential causes, or combinations of causes, that can lead to terrible truck accidents. For example, severe weather conditions could contribute to an accident, and the risk of an accident increases if rough weather is coupled with reckless driving.
Sometimes the fault does not lie with the driver. A poorly maintained or repaired truck could malfunction on the highway, resulting in a loss of control and subsequent accident. If you were injured in a collision with a truck on I-95 in Florida, Prosper Shaked will thoroughly examine all of the evidence, including police reports and eyewitness testimony, to determine the cause of the accident.

Typical Injuries Suffered in Truck Accidents on I-95 in Florida

Collisions with trucks often result in severe, life-altering injuries. The size and weight of the truck, the speed it was traveling, and the type and location of the impact all contribute to the severity of the injuries sustained. Some common injuries caused by truck accidents on I-95 include:

  • Head injuries or brain damage
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Severe cuts and lacerations
  • Permanent paralysis
  • Amputated limbs
  • Wrongful death

Personal Injury Lawsuits and I-95 Truck Driving Accidents

Prosecuting a personal injury lawsuit for damages suffered in an accident involving a truck requires that the plaintiff show negligence on the part of the truck driver. To be successful in a negligence claim, our Florida attorney will work to establish three elements:

  • The truck driver owed a legal duty of care to the injured party;
  • The truck driver breached the duty owed to the injured party; and
  • The breach of duty resulted in harm and damages suffered by the injured party.

Often, third parties could be held accountable for your injuries. For example, a company that fails to maintain its trucks in a safe operating condition or that provides inadequate training to its drivers might contribute to truck accidents along the I-95 corridor.

Call Our I-95 in Florida Truck Accident Attorney for a Free Consultation

Prosper Shaked will thoroughly evaluate all of the factors that may have contributed to your accident. By gathering police reports, medical records, testimony from experts and eyewitnesses, and other critical evidence, our I-95 in Florida truck accident lawyer will work to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company or prepare your case for trial. If you or a loved one was injured in a collision with a truck, you need the assistance of our Florida personal injury attorney. Our experienced attorneys will fight to get you proper compensation. Call Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA today at (305) 694-2676 to schedule a free consultation to review your rights and options.