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How to File an Injury Claim Against Walmart

on  Premises Liability

If you suffered an injury at Walmart, premises liability laws allow you to file an injury claim or lawsuit against the big box store. After all, the law requires Walmart to provide a safe environment for its workers and customers. In fact, Walmart owes its customers the highest level of protection. If they fail, they can be held liable for the injuries and accidents that occur. Past Walmart injury victims have received awards into the millions. 

Filing an injury claim against Walmart can be intimidating and overwhelming. Unfortunately, accidents in Walmart stores are a reality that many people must deal with. Whether it was caused by a slip-and-fall on the floor or another type of accident caused by store negligence, filing an injury claim against Walmart requires careful navigation of legal processes and paperwork. 

What Type of Accidents is Walmart Liable For?

Walmart is accountable for any injury or damage caused by its negligence. Some of the most common accidents that occur at Walmart include:

  • Injuries from falling items off shelves
  • Slipping on a wet floor
  • Tripping on broken carpeting or unsecured flooring
  • Illness due to contact with toxic materials
  • Explosions or fires occurring at their stores – such as fire alarms that did not work correctly or the presence of flammable items 
  • Negligent security incidents, such as parking lot theft, assault, or battery
  • Cuts due to improperly maintained shopping carts or loose shelving
  • Defective product claims

Walmart Will Fight Injury Claims Aggressively

Slip and fall injury victims should not face Walmart alone. This giant big box store is the largest corporation in America, with more than 2,300,000 employees serving more than 36 million global customers daily. In fact, the retail giant makes $1.56 billion in a day! 

This money and power make Walmart a difficult company to sue or recover money from. That’s because Walmart employs large legal teams and insurers and has the resources to hire some of the best defense lawyers. Their goal is simple: to pay you as little as possible. 

This might sound daunting, but you shouldn’t give up. Walmart has paid millions in claims to injured victims when they have solid legal representation. For this reason alone, you need an experienced Miami slip and fall accident lawyer fighting for you and your rights after a serious injury accident. 

Steps to Filing an Injury Claim Against Walmart

Did you get hurt in a Miami Walmart? Walmart may be to blame if you slipped and fell on a wet floor, tripped on broken carpeting, or got attacked in the parking lot. There are many ways in which Walmart management or employee negligence could have led to your injuries. However, premises liability laws are complex and difficult to navigate without the help of an attorney. 

When you’re ready to file an injury claim against Walmart, here are some steps you can take. 

Step #1: Finding an experienced lawyer who’s not afraid to stand up to Walmart

When you are injured in an accident involving Walmart, it can be difficult to find a lawyer who is willing to take on the retail giant. With their huge size and large legal team, many injury lawyers would rather avoid going up against them. However, it is possible to find attorneys with experience and success fighting Walmart in court. 

When taking on a large corporation such as Walmart, hiring a lawyer with experience in doing just that is essential. These lawsuits are often complex and require someone who understands the legal framework’s ins and outs. An experienced slip and fall lawyer will understand how best to navigate the situation, and they will be able to represent your best interests. You may receive inadequate compensation or an unfavorable settlement without the right legal representation. 

Step #2: You need documentation

After a slip and fall accident at Walmart, it is important to have the right documentation. This can include medical records related to any treatment you received and pictures of your injuries. 

You will also need photographic or video evidence of the hazardous surface area, as this can bolster your case for a legal claim against Walmart. Your attorney can help you gather this information and may even review past customer claims to show that Walmart was aware of this hazard prior to your accident. 

If you wish to file a claim against Walmart, you must also provide evidence that you were in their store. This could be a checkout counter receipt, eyewitness testimony, or store camera footage. Your attorney can gather this documentation for you after you suffer an injury. 

This documentation will ensure that your case is taken seriously and increase your chances of resolving your claim fairly and efficiently.

Step #3: You file a formal claim

When you get injured, the first step you need to take is to let store managers know of your accident. Insist on filing an injury report so the store can’t deny the incident. 

If you didn’t file an injury report in the store, don’t worry. Your lawyer can still file a formal claim with Walmart’s liability company. Your slip and fall lawyer will cite the date of the incident and the details of what happened. They will also provide Walmart with the amount of damages you’re requesting to account for your injuries and suffering. 

Step #4 Negotiate with Walmart

When Walmart receives your initial claim, they will do one of two things:

  1. Deny liability and claim they don’t owe you anything
  2. Make you a lower offer

When this occurs, don’t worry. Your lawyer will know just what to do. This is when negotiations start. Your attorney will begin the negotiation process and fight for maximum compensation.

Seeking a fair settlement or award from Walmart after a slip and fall accident can be daunting due to the nature of its corporate and legal structure. However, with clear documentation and well-prepared legal counsel, you can recover money to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

What Can a Miami Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Do For You?

Suffering an injury at Walmart can be a traumatic experience, especially if someone else’s negligence caused it. If you have been injured at Walmart, it is important to understand why you need a slip and fall accident lawyer and what your attorney can do for you. 

The Value of Hiring an Attorney To Go Up Against Walmart 

When going up against Walmart, having professional representation is essential. A qualified attorney knows how to navigate the legal system and understands all the legal nuances of filing these injury claims. When hiring an experienced attorney, you can rest easy knowing that your case is handled correctly and efficiently. 

Your slip and fall accident attorney will work hard to ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries and damages. This includes medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, and any other losses from the accident. Your lawyer will also gather the documents necessary to prove your case, such as medical records or police reports. 

Insurance companies often try to minimize costs by making lowball offers or denying claims altogether. An experienced law firm like Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA can protect you from these tactics by negotiating on your behalf and fighting for justice in court if necessary. Our lawyers are familiar with insurance company tactics and know how to counter them—so you don’t have to worry about getting shortchanged on your settlement or facing unnecessary delays or denials in processing your claim.  

Contact Our Miami Premises Liability Injury Lawyers Today

At Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA, our lawyers have extensive experience in handling premises liability claims, and we are committed to providing our clients with knowledgeable legal advice throughout every step of their case. We know what it takes to win and we use this knowledge and experience to fight aggressively for you at every turn. 

Miami injury attorney, Prosper Shaked, knows that injured Miami accident victims and their families need someone on their side when they go up against large companies like Walmart. For a free consultation on your case and help understanding your legal options, call Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA today at (305) 694-2676 or fill out our confidential contact form.