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Car accidents happen to nearly everyone who drives or rides in a car as their main mode of transportation.  If you are involved in a car accident, hopefully you only face property damage that your insurance can cover.  However, millions of people each year are involved in more serious car crashes that involve personal injury and even fatalities.  If you or a loved one faced severe injuries in a car accident in Hallandale Beach, Florida or the surrounding areas, call Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA for help with your case.

You may be entitled to substantial financial compensation for serious car accident injuries.  For help filing your claim and getting the compensation you need, call Hallandale Beach car accident lawyer Prosper Shaked today.  Prosper Shaked offers free legal consultations on new cases.  Call (305) 694-2676 today to schedule your free consultation.

Suing for Car Accident Injuries in Florida

Many drivers in Florida may not realize that Florida is a “no-fault” car insurance state.  This means that every driver is required to carry car insurance with personal injury protection coverage (PIP) that will cover their own injuries in the event of an accident.  The law expects injury victims to use their own coverage to pay for their medical bills and lost wages – but if you are seriously injured or suffered substantial damages, you may be able to bypass these rules and sue the at-fault driver for the crash.
Florida law always allows a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible driver if the injuries you suffered were severe.  The threshold for what qualifies as “severe” includes a “monetary threshold” and a “verbal threshold.”  For the monetary threshold, any accident causing damages over $10,000 can go straight to court instead of through insurance.  The verbal threshold defines severe injuries as any injury that causes permanent loss or damage, significant scarring, disability, or death.
Personal injury lawsuits can include damages for pain and suffering as well as economic damages you face because of damage to your vehicle, medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses you pay because of the crash.  If a loved one was killed in a crash, you can recover compensation for the economic damages you and your family suffer because of their loss, including lost wages, lost services around the house, lost companionship, lost counsel, and funeral and burial expenses.
It is important to discuss your case with an attorney to find out if you are entitled to take your case to court.  Because insurance usually requires you to pay a deductible for coverage and only covers a certain percentage of your medical bills and lost wages, you may recover higher damages in court by claiming the full value of your damages, including pain and suffering damages.

Determining Fault in a Florida Car Crash Case

When determining fault in a car accident case, the jury makes the ultimate decision as to who is at fault.  Your attorney can present evidence and legal arguments to show them the important facts to help them make the right decision.
Many car accident cases happen in a few different ways.  While some of these causes may overlap or different factors may make the accident slightly different, drivers tend to cause car accidents in one of the following ways:

  • Tailgating accidents – A driver who rear-ends another driver is usually at-fault for the crash. Unless the front driver backed up into the rear driver, the rear driver was likely following too closely.
  • Left turn accidents – A driver turning left is required to yield to oncoming traffic. If the cars were approaching too quickly for them to turn safely, they should have yielded and would likely be at fault for a crash.
  • Running a red light or stop sign – A driver who fails to make a complete stop at a red light or stop sign – or a driver who leaves the stop before it is safe – is usually at fault for the crash.
  • T-bone crashes – If two cars crash in an intersection, it usually means that one of the drivers entered the intersection illegally. Whichever driver had a red light or a stop sign is typically at fault.
  • Speeding crashes – If one driver was driving over the speed limit, they are likely at fault for the accident. Unless both drivers were speeding or other factors caused the crash, the speeding driver usually takes the blame.
  • Drunk driving accidents – Drivers who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs when the accident happened are often at fault.
  • Distracted driving or texting while driving accidents – A driver who focuses on their cell phone or other distractions instead of the road is usually at fault for the crash.
  • Drowsy driving crashes – Tired driving is nearly as dangerous as drunk driving, and drivers who have been awake for too long or are too tired to drive safely are typically at fault for the accident.

Your lawyer can investigate the crash and help you determine who is at fault for the accident and how to hold them liable for your damages.  If multiple cars were involved, this investigation may be vital.

Call Hallandale Beach Car Accident Attorney Prosper Shaked for a Free Legal Consultation

If you or a loved one was injured in a car crash in Hallandale Beach, FL, call Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA today to discuss your case.  Hallandale Beach car accident lawyer Prosper Shaked represents victims and their families in car accident lawsuits to seek financial compensation for the harms they suffered in the crash.  For a free legal consultation, call our law offices today at (305) 694-2676.