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Amtrak is a major train system for residents of the state of Florida.  Thousands of riders use Amtrak.  As with any vehicle, there is always the chance of serious accidents and injuries on board the Amtrak.  If you or a loved one was injured riding an Amtrak train or was hit by an Amtrak train, contact Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA today.

Florida Amtrak train accident lawyer Prosper Shaked represents the victims of train accidents and their families.  If you or a loved one was injured in a train accident, or if a loved one was killed in an Amtrak train accident, contact our lawyer today to discuss filing a personal injury lawsuit and seeking compensation for your losses.  Call (305) 694-2676 to schedule a free legal consultation with our injury attorney.

Suing for Amtrak Accidents and Injuries in Florida

Amtrak is a train service that carries thousands of passengers each day.  Accidents happen in transportation, and in many cases, someone can be found at fault for the accident.  The train operator or other train workers may be directly liable for the accident, or at least share blame in causing the crash.  Proving they are liable for the accident can get you compensation from their employers in many cases.

You should consider talking to a personal injury lawyer about your case and getting help filing your claim.  Filing claims against major transportation systems requires additional paperwork and filings before you can take your lawsuit to court, and your lawyer can help with these steps.

Financial Compensation for Amtrak Train Injuries in Florida

If you were injured on an Amtrak train, either because of an accident, a jerk or jolt, or a slip and fall on a train platform, you could be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries.  This compensation is typically known as “damages,” which include compensation for multiple areas of harm you face in an accident.

First, you may be entitled to “economic damages” to cover the financial harms you faced after a crash.  If it weren’t for the train operator’s negligence or the maintenance issues, your injuries would not have occurred – so you should not be responsible for paying for them.  Because the negligent Amtrak workers caused your injuries, they should be responsible for paying for any financial harms that resulted from the accident, such as medical bills and lost wages.  These damages could be claimed to cover the cost of any medical treatment, emergency medical transportation, physical therapy, or other hospital bills the injury required.

These economic damages can also cover any lost income you faced from the accident.  Serious injuries can mean missing work or being unable to return to work at full capacity, and any lost wages stemming from the crash should be compensated.

Second, you can sue for “noneconomic damages.”  These cover intangible harms you faced from the crash, such as the physical pain and mental suffering from the injuries.  No one else can get inside your head and understand the pain exactly as you experienced it, but through your testimony, the court and the jury can understand how severe the injuries were.  More severe injuries are typically worth more pain and suffering damages, but you can still claim pain and suffering damages for less severe injuries like whiplash or broken bones.

Common Causes of Train Accidents

Accidents involving trains like Amtrak can occur for a number of reasons.  In many cases, equipment malfunction is to blame for the accident.  Trains that have been improperly repaired or tracks that were not maintained could result in a train slipping off its tracks.  In most derailment cases, the train will not leave the tracks entirely, but a sudden bump or stop from derailment can throw passengers to the ground or cause them to strike against seats, walls, and other passengers with force.

Other injuries occur from operator error.  Simple mistakes and errors could cause a derailment, a sudden stop, or even a crash into another train.  Problems with signals or equipment malfunction may be to blame for some of these errors, but operator error is also a common cause.  In some cases, operators may be exhausted after a long shift or suffering from the effects of drug or alcohol consumption, and they may be unable to perform their job with the proper care and skill required of them.

Call Our Florida Amtrak Train Injury Attorney for a Free Legal Consultation

If you or a loved one was injured in an Amtrak train accident, contact Florida Amtrak train injury lawyer Prosper Shaked today.  You may be entitled to file a lawsuit against Amtrak to seek compensation for serious injuries or death caused by a negligent Amtrak worker or dangerous equipment malfunctions.  For a free legal consultation on your case, contact Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA today at (305) 694-2676.