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There are many large TV advertising law firms across the State of Florida that delegate most of their work to their non-attorney staff.  These personal injury firms operate like mills, where each attorney can be responsible for between 250-500 clients!  If you retain a large firm like this, there is a good chance that the only work that they do on your case is refer you to a medical provider and send a demand letter to the insurance carrier once you are finished with medical treatment. They will then convince you to accept a settlement offer that may be far less than your case is worth. The value these types of law firms and lawyers add to your claim may not be worth the contingency fee that they are paid once your case is settled.  There is a decent chance you would have ended up with a similar amount of money in your pocket had you dealt with the insurance company directly.  At Prosper Shaked Accident Injury Attorneys PA, we work hard for our clients and never prioritize quick and easy settlements over maximizing our client’s recovery.